Welcome to the FTA Staff Certification

for Trampoline Parks

After watching the Park Training Videos you can have our staff take this Qiz to receive a GRT Certificate of completion:  
Do you consider yourself to be . . .
A trampoline park should be (check all that apply):
When customers are breaking the park rules you should (check all that apply):
When parents are consistently breaking the rules you should (click all that apply):
When a customer hears you tell them to follow the safety rules, they usually think:
You, as a staff member, behave in the same way as your customers?
Your primary job as a staff member is to (click all that apply):
Trampoline parks are inherently dangerous and should be shut down when serious injuries occur?
You are encouraged to teach all customers how to do flips on the main floor areas where there is more space?
Which of the following are true (check all that apply)?
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