Congratulations to the Top 4 heading to the Championships

1st ~ flips_by_robin

2nd ~ _johannesluethi_

3rd ~ evanjrocha

4th ~ flips_by_noah

See you at REBEL PARK for the next qualifier,

May 29 - 31, Bromolla, Sweden



The following is a breakdown of the “competition” system of the Freestyle Frenzy Series  presented by GRT.  

It is important to note that the Freestyle Frenzy Championships at the end of the Series will be based on creating more publicity around the event and increasing the safety awareness level.  The top 4 athletes, along with our 2 Wildcard pics from our three qualifying events  are invited  to compete the world’s first Supertramp Battle Championships in May 2020.

Athletes must submit a video with the hashtag #FreestyleFrenzy2020 (name of location they wish to attend in the post as well)  ie.  #FreestyleFrenzySlovenia) in order to be eligible to compete.  The judges will select 16 athletes for each qualifying event from the submissions. Athletes must be at least 16 years of age to compete, unless the judges deem their skills outstanding and of a high degree, then they will be invited to attend. 

We are creating a new awareness for the Freestyle community, not the actual determination of specific skill levels and quantifiable results comparing athletes. GRT and the FTA wish to see the level of attention an event like this can produce. 

Athletes should be supportive of each other no matter the competition outcome is. Although there is always a bit of controversy to judging and scoring subjective movements, our judges have taken an oath to use their best discretion in an open and fair system and their acrobatic background to judge based on overall creativity, control and degree of difficulty. This is why we have chosen athletes within the Freestyle community to compete in the series that are well known and respected. 

Acrobatic skills that seem dangerous or inconsistent and not ready for competition will not be allowed.  All athletes are encouraged to only showcase skills they are confident in and ask for help if need be.  Our judges understand what is a true demonstration of skill and what is simply “chucking it.” 


Performing skills with precision and ‘uniqueness’ will earn you extra points. 

2 Trick Combo Freestyle Frenzy Supertramp Battle: 

  • Athletes will be put into groups of 4 in the preliminary round to battle it out, top 2 move on;

  • In the quarter finals onwards, athletes will go head to head, put into groups of 2, to demonstrate their best 2 - 3 skill combination.

  • Athletes will not be allowed to double bounce, however, tower bounce will be permitted if available.

  • Scoring will be based on 1. Creativity (33%)  2. Degree of Difficulty (33%) 3. Execution or Control (33%), a maximum of 10.0 per element for an overall score out of 30.0.

  • Each judge will score a separate element.

  • We will also have a fourth judge giving an overall impression score out of 5.0. Ties will be broken. 

  • A ‘spotter’ will be positioned beside the trampoline to throw a mat if necessary. 

  • Athletes can have two attempts to land their trick and must inform the judges of their skill, however, judges may request a ‘set’ to see if the skill could be safely attempted, but this will not be included in their 2 attempts.

  • Tricks that are deemed dangerous by the judges, or Host Greg Roe, will not be allowed. The athlete will be asked to choose another skill or be eliminated.

  • Judges decisions are final. 

  • Athletes who do not comply with the rules or listen to the judges will be removed from the competition.

  • A third round may occur at the host’s discretion or to break ties between close contenders.

  • The top four (4) contestants will move on to the Finals and compete for a top 3 prize! 

  • There will be two (2) WILDCARD spots chosen, one by the competitors and one by the judges , for the athletes who may not have made finals but exhibited outstanding creativity and support for their fellow competitors. 

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